Forward Thinking

Working together to bridge gaps, improve processes, address and minimize issues, and to ethically maximize profit.

The Best Approach

Our Client Strategy

To provide knowledge, process, and technology that enables our clients to achieve the greatest possible success. 

Our Strategy is to Perfect Yours

Our team is highly skilled and ready for you to leverage. Imagine having a part-time CFO, a billing service and process designed just for you, facility and professional billing and collection experts, knowledge capital at your beckoned call, a tried-and-true method for maximizing collections, and a fully integrated service offering. We're on the cusp of new technologies and the best methods to help you achieve financial success. Guided by the leadership of Mark R. Brown, a healthcare industry veteran for the past 35+ years, providing the foundation for your success.

Beyond The Box

We strongly believe in analyzing the current state so that the best future state can be designed and delivered to suit your needs!



Scalable Solutions

Professional and Facility billing, collection, and financial management experts and advisors to large and small.

"Services provided throughout the U.S.A."