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New Ventures

Handshake in the Office

What compliments your practice?

Whether the need is for a custom software application to manage and secure information and productivity, or a surgical facility acquisition, build, lease, or partnership, or even more creative ventures like building a Walk-in Emergency Center or integration of new services and equipment to replace or provide an option for in-office treatment of a procedure usually referred out. PSB is there to design, build, and integrate. PSB has the experience and capability to make positive change.

A Multiple Income Stream Approach

Billing and EHR systems are not always a one-size fits all solution. Some practices and Facilities have unique requirements or business rules that when managed and integrated into the  billing system, drastically increase performance and the ability to get claims paid the first time billed. PSB uses a programmable database system in addition to its billing system, to enable complex task management, statusing, exception reporting, and other valuable features not available to most.

  • What do you wish a billing/collection system could do for you?

  • What information and informatics are you missing and what would you like to have? 

  • What processes in your practice need tracking and administration, and are beyond your billing system capability?

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