Expert Billing & Collection Services

For physician, professional (specialty or primary care) or facility billing, our tried and true technology platform is completely client  accessible by PC, iPad or iPhone. We are cloud based and fully secure. We document all actions for transparency and aggressively perform the hard work. EMR is available & integrates with our system. Our service is geared to fix/resolve problems, work in and out-of-network claims, negotiate, and to maximize reimbursement.

Advisory & Review Services

ASC's and medical practices require conscientious and continuous management, and fine tuning in order to maintain a profitable edge. Let us investigate, advise, and counsel you through your options and opportunities, and help you make the best decisions. 

Out of Network Billing Specialists

Out-of-network billing is a very tactical process. Our approach has been honed over the past decade and a half. With the aid top legal minds and a rigorous approach, we created the process and procedures to challenge unpaid and underpaid claims, mounted numerous recoupment efforts, and have managed to maximize payment in a reasonable way. Our goal is to be your advocate and to work through issues to find solutions and get results. With the onset of Obama Care and more federal regulation, ERISA became a dominant process in collecting on unpaid and underpaid insurance claims. Proper consents and information, fair health fees, patient acknowledgement of balance billing, charity and indigent policies, and attempts to collect from patients are all processes that we will implement and that prove sustain and perform..

Our Services

ASC Facility Management & Administration

We can implement Accreditation standards, optimum staffing levels, set work & purchasing standards, buy at the right price, set proper inventory controls and profitability management by case, maintain metrics, and many other factors that go into a well run ASC. Our hands-on approach will help you manage overhead and drive lower operating costs. Let us guide the formation of your entity from start to finish, and take your vision to reality. We can be your part-time Administrator/CFO, negotiator, and full-time trusted advisor.