Understanding You and Your Organization

Experience has proven that every practice, group or facility has a unique personality. How the billing and collection process gets integrated is not ubiquitous. One size doesn't fit all. Organizational strengths have to be identified and weaknesses independently addressed so the best future state service integration is made possible. When we understand you and your organization, we can advise on how to best support the overall business which may include reducing expenses, implementing new revenue opportunities, or rekindling good business ideas that may have languished over time. We not only want you as a billing and collection client, but need you to be successful and financially healthy. This is our goal!

Improvement Opportunities

You have improvement opportunities whether you know it or not. We will find them and then help to implement change. It's almost always a combination of people and how they work, processes that are broken or need updating, or technology in need of improvement or replacement. Working through the business improvement process "BPI" is something we do very well.

Options & Oversight

Within our wheelhouse, we are what's best for you in the service combination that works best for you. While billing & collection are fundamental services provided, we can be so much more. We are auditors, integrator's, implementer's, fixers, and strategists with one goal in mind, and that's the health and success of your business and its related ventures.



Best Practices Ahead of the Billing Process

You may have billing problems you're not aware of and if there are any, we will find them! Are all of your insurance contracts worth maintaining? Is your insurance verification and time of service collection process optimized? Is your CPT coding appropriate? Are good safeguards and internal controls in place for cash, check, and credit card transactions? Are you aware of the gap between dates of service and dates billed? Do you understand "Policy Types" and why some claims pay well and others don't? Does your EMR system help or hinder? We understand all of this and much, much more, and will orchestrate these disperate components into a high functioning processes that in turn increases your income and allows for realistic management.