Who We Are

​We're a dedicated team that resolves problems, works hard at the billing and collection process, provides transparency in our efforts and documentation, and helps you to make the right decisions for success. We are out-of-network experts while understanding the value of analyzing and implementing in-network contracts. Our technology platform is easy to use while providing superior end-user access, reporting, and an integrated EMR. We are up for a challenge and are sure we can handle yours.

WhereWe Come From

Three decades of professional physician billing and as of 15 years ago, the provision of surgical facility (ASC) services to include: Formation, accreditation, site selection, build-out, staffing, equipping, go-live, billing, collection, and governance. Clients have ranged from academic medical centers to sole practitioners. Our underpinnings come from the collection agency business so we know how to work insurance underpayments and denials, then we focus on the patient balance due. Our process includes expertly written appeals and a tenacious attitude towards unpaid or underpaid claims. Regardless of the problem source, we are on a mission to get them fixed.

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What Differentiates Us

Mark R. Brown and his senior team have three decades of healthcare experience and are known to exceed expectations. Besides launching and creating various medical ventures and surgical facilities, Mark held a prestigious executive position within the healthcare sector of Ernst & Young, LLP where people, process, and technology are the trifecta of success and creativity is a requirement. Let us exceed your expectations. We can always start with a review and assessment.